Name Directory

Name directory under a domain name can also be a factor in ranking of the page, but is more relevant to that directory name and its subsequent pages ranking. It’s best not to have too many sub folders, because each sub directory off the main httdocs directory will get a lower Page Rank value. However, internal link structure (organizational structure) will have the greatest effect on Page Rank distribution within a site.

Consider putting all your html pages at the top level.


The further you go into sub folders, the lower the PageRank is on those sub pages, as they are removed from the home page further but it can help to optimize different sub directories and pages for specific keywords.

Page URL

Probably little important in the ranking of a page, is the webpage URL of the page. One might consider this factor if they are specifically targeting the primary keyword on the page. A good url would be something like this:

The url of the page which contains the keyword can also have an influence on the ranking of the page. It’s worth considering if you want to rank higher.

For example same contents contained on the page “page2.html” may not rank as high the same content placed one a page called “sony-digital-cameras.html”.

Mod Rewrite or URL rewriting is a technique used to change the complex URL in to simpler and easily readable format. Since the Google Bot does not follow the dynamically generated URL it is wise to use the Mod Rewrite and change the URL of the website.