Internal Links

How to Build Internal Linking?

Internal links is a link in the context of web design is a hypertext function whereby clicking on the word or picture (an object) causes a web browser to load the new page to which the object is linked. Thus, clicking on the hypertext-affected word card should lead you to a page about a card or cards. Most commonly, a link to a page outside the same domain is considered external link, whereas one in the same domain name is considered internal link. However, these definitions become a bit tricky when the same organization operates multiple domains functioning as a single web experience, e.g. when a secure commerce website is used for purchasing things displayed on a non-secure website.

Similarly, a blogging website might have thousands of different blogs, in which context one might view a link as internal link only if it linked within the same blog, not to other blogs within the same domain. Search engine spiders prefer the simplicity of the hypertext link to any other form of linking structure elements. In fact, the anchor text is deemed very important in the eyes of the search engines and is assigned more weight within the search engine algorithms then ordinary body text.