Image Alt Tag

Image Alt Tags are used to write the text for the images since images is not readable by search engines. While using Image Alt tags make sure you use your targeted keyword since this will help improve Search engine ranking.

Many suggest that the Image Alt Tag Text on your images should contain your keywords. Be careful. Some search engines see that as spamming. If you like to do it, don’t over do it. Better if you use the words, images or picture along the combination of your keywords. The whole process is also called image optimization.

If you use image navigation links it is advisable to place descriptive text links at the bottom of the page to help search engines figure out the relevancy of your pages.

Alt tags are good coding for several reasons:

  1. Alt tags let visitors know an image is being formatted before it is displayed. Like the text visitors read as they wait, they can anticipate the image before it appears.
  2. Picture alt tags aid visitors who can’t see the image whether they are Lynx users–a text based browser on Unix or Linux systems that has no image capability, or users who have images turned off in their browser preferences, or visitors who are visually impaired. Aids for the blind include readers that can tell them the image’s text description and allow them to understand accompanying information about your images. One warning: if our example above had the alt text, “pic1a.gif”, it would be meaningless for our visually impaired visitors. No description of the image provides no benefit about the image itself!