Anchor Text

Anchor text is one of the factors that search engines have been analyzing and factoring into their ranking algorithms – that is, the text used between the anchor tags.

The text here is the anchor text.

Search engine have come to understand that the anchor text or hyper text link often more indicative of a page’s content than the meta data of the page itself. So much so, in fact, that some pages are ranked in in the top ten for highly competitive keywords simply because many other pages link to that page using the keyword as the anchor text of the link.

Google is especially susceptible to anchor text (hyper text Link). In fact, it is well known that you can pretty much any given page ranked for a keyword simply by using that keyword as the anchor text (hyper text link) of your links to that page. It is called “Google bombing”, and a well known instance of it involved a couple dozen bloggers linking to the official George W. Bush page using the anchor text “miserable failure”.

After a couple weeks, low and behold, the page was ranked #1 for the search “miserable failure”, even though those words did not appear anywhere on the page itself.

Once you understand the weight accorded to Html text link, you may choose to take a second look at how you hyper link text to your own pages. For instance, instead of linking to a page using the anchor text “Specs”, why not link using your keywords in the anchor text: “Widget Specs”.